Summary of Latest Product Updates

New Reporting Tools

We are committed to providing reporting that is clear, concise, and provides the data you need with ease.  Continue reading to learn more about the new reports we’ve provided as well as powerful new tools that allow you to better care for your donors by providing transaction management:

Click any of the following links to learn more about the following features:

  • Donors: locate a donor’s profile, payment profiles, and view transaction history
  • Virtual Terminal: process donations on behalf of your donors and associate their transaction to their profile
  • Reports> Transactions: locate a transaction in questions and print receipt, resend the receipt, process a full or partial refund, view and manage payment profiles.
  • Reports> Auto-Donations: view your recurring transactions in a single location by frequency (period) or status (i.e., successful, declined, etc…).  You can also edit the Funds/Amts associated with the recurring gift as well as cancel the recurring gift.

New Dashboard

Your giving dashboard continues to provide a high-level snapshot of giving statistics by donation source and $ volume but now has a refreshed look & feel!


We appreciate your feedback

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