Dashboard Overview

Once you login to your organization’s account you are viewing the Dashboard. The Dashboard provides you with all your menu options to view and manage your account.


Last 12 Months

The section “12 Months” (1) provides you with a summary of your one-time and scheduled (recurring) donations during this period. You can see in the graph below (2) that September’s volume appears to have taken a dip; however, because we generated this view on September 10th, the volume represents just 10-days worth of activity. By month’s end, September’s processing volume will be complete and will hopefully exceed August!

In the “12 Months” section the boxes across the top provide a 12-month summary of your account’s activity for the following: Total Volume, Number of Donors, Average Donation, and Scheduled Donors (number of recurring gifts).

You gain insight into where your donations originate. In our example below, we can see that “Online Giving” makes up $42,546.49 of gifts while Mobile and Kiosk Giving donations account for the rest of incoming donations. To view your Mobile and Kiosk Giving scroll over the different segments of the circle to view the different totals.

  • Online Giving: donations received through a desktop computer or tablet
  • Mobile Giving: donations received through your Giving Page via a phone or the mobile app
  • Text Giving: donations received via text message through the Text Giving solution
  • Kiosk Giving: donations received through the Kiosk solution.


All Time & Last 30 Days

The “All Time” section (4) and “Last 30 Days” (5) each provides a summary of $ volume and donors for each respective time period.

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