Managers: How to Create and Manage Admins

Creating New Admin Managers

Everyone at your organization who needs access to the system should have their own login. This is important from a security standpoint and also allows you to determine “Permissions” for each of your of Managers. *Note: Admins cannot have the same email address as their admin user login  if they also have a personal member/donor profile on the system. Consequently, all Manager Admins must have different email addresses.

To access your Managers page, click on “Organization” located in the top right of the screen then click on “Managers”:


Next, click on [+ Add New] to create a new Manager (user):


Here you’ll be presented with a form to set up your new Manager Admin for your account. In order for the Manager to be added, it is required to input the Manager Name, Manager Email, and Manager Password. The Manager Password will need to be a password that is unique but can be easily remembered by the Manager; a bad example would be ‘password1’.

If the new admin needs to change the password you have assigned them, they can do so from the login page by clicking the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link. This will prompt the Manager to input their login email to receive a temporary password. After logging in with this temporary password, the Manager can input their preferred password.

In addition to the new admin user’s name, email, title and phone, you’ll be able to establish which areas of the system they should have access to through Permissions:


Setting Permissions

After you’ve entered the name, email, title and contact information for your new Manager (user), you’ll need to set their permission levels and then [Save] your new Manager.

If your Managers are already in the system and you just need to adjust permissions, click ACTION and then UPDATE. Then you can use the information below to make the necessary adjustments.

Below is a breakdown of each Permission and what it provides to a Manager.  Keep in mind that not all permissions listed below may be available for your account as permissions can vary depending on which level of the product you are using:

  • My Account: access to the My Account tab
  • Settings: access to the overall giving settings (i.e., funds, campaigns, integration codes, etc.)
  • Invoices: view current and past invoices for your account
  • Managers: add/edit the Managers (users) on your account
  • Design: change the default look of your giving page
  • Donation Receipt: manage the content of the donation receipt which is sent to your donors
  • Text Giving: view your Text Giving phone number, view and customize your “text confirmation message” which is sent after a successful text giving donation
  • Reports: view and generate reports on the activity within your account
  • Auto-Donations: view your recurring donations
  • Donor: view your donors’ profiles: name, contact information, active recurring gifts, and past giving history
  • Forms: access to the event forms tab
  • Store: full access to Store Tab
  • Resources: full access to Resource Tab 

If a Manager needs access to the Help Desk or Support tab, please contact our customer service team, and this access can be enabled. If access to Help Desk is needed immediately or by a staff member or volunteer that does not need manager access, you can provide the direct URL to Help Desk,

Add new users, setup new user, user permissions, 

How to Change Your Primary User

In the event you need to change the Primary Admin Manager user at your organization, simply type over their information with the new Primary Admin User’s name and email address.

How to Delete a User

When you need to delete a user, click on the “Action” drop-down, then click on “Delete”.


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