Donor Covers Fees

You have the option to enable “Donor Covers Fee” to provide a convenient way for your donors to add an additional percentage to their donation to help cover the cost of the transaction. To access this option click on the Organization menu and choose Settings.

NOTE: if you do not see the Settings option under the Organization tab in your control panel, please contact the primary manager for your online giving account. Your user permissions will need to be updated to include this option.

Once you’ve clicked “Yes” and entered the fee percentage it will be visible on your donation page as an option for your donors to select.

When the donor selects this checkbox, their donation total will increase to include the percentage of processing their donation.

For example, if a donor is giving $100 and they check the box to cover processing (let’s say it’s 3% in this scenario), then 3% of the $100 would be added to the donors’ initial submission. This would make the total donation submission $103, and the fees processed would now be based on the larger dollar amount. After the percentage and per item fee are taken from the $103, the net amount remaining would be around $99.61, leaving you with a larger deposit than if the donor had only given $100.

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