Reports > Canned Reports

Some reports can be downloaded in the format of an excel or .csv file to allow for easier recording of giving records.

The following method can be used to generate an excel/.csv file of a custom report that can be filtered by date, donor name, giving method (kiosk or text), or by fund/campaign given. To pull this report, click Reports > Canned Reports.

NOTE: if you do not see the Reports tab on the left panel of the Control Panel, please contact the primary manager for your online giving account. Your user permissions will need to be updated to include this option.

Scroll to the bottom of the Canned Reports page to find the Custom Report by Date Range. Click the Custom Report by Date Range link.

This will reload the page to the Custom Report, and will allow you to choose what filters should appear on your report.

You can choose the (1) time frame of transactions, and (2) what aspect of the donation to organize the report by (date, name, fund, or giving method). When your filters have been set, (3) click Search.

This will pull the donor name, donor address, amount, payment type, date, transaction ID, and fund given of donations that match the search criteria you have specified.

To download this report, click Create Export.

This will download an excel/.csv file to your computer of the giving information exported. To open/edit/save the file, view the file in your downloads folder and double-click it. In the Chrome browser, for example, downloads appear in the bottom of the browser.