Form Builder – Email Notifications

Email notifications can be enabled to allow you or multiple people to receive an email notification when someone has submitted a response to one of your forms. They can also be used to send your form users receipts of their form response submission. To enable this feature, log into your Control Panel and click Forms > Name of Form that you would like to setup email notifications for. Click the Form Settings tab in the bottom left corner of your form. In the new window that pops up, click the Email Notifications tab.

You will now need to complete this section to receive the email based on your preferences.

  • 1) Fill out the “To” field with the email(s) that should be receiving this notification. The “From” field is what you will see as who the email notification is from. It is suggested to use a fake email relevant to the form name or a ‘noreply’ email for the “From” email. If you are emailing notifications to your form users, type in the email tag that generates from the email question you have added. NOTE:  An email field MUST be added in order for the email placeholder to work.The name of the placeholder will change based on what you have named the email field. For example, if an email field is added and the name of the field is “Your Email Address”,  the placeholder tag #Your Email Address# would need to be added to the “To” field to populate this field and send the form receipt to the email address input by the form user.
  • 2) Input the Subject. This is how the email subject will appear in your inbox.
  • 3) Input your message. This is the message you will receive via email when someone submits a response to your form. Placeholders are automatically generated based on the fields/questions you have added to the form. Clicking on a Placeholder will add the answer specific to the question/Placeholder chosen into the message body. When the email notification is sent to you, these placeholders will change to the actual answer submitted to each question by the form user. The ONLY Placeholder that is generated that is not based on a field or question added to the form is the “CreatedAt” Placeholder. This can be added to any form email notification to confirm when the form response was submitted.

Once you are satisfied with these settings, close this window.

NOTE: Add Email can be used to add another Email Notification if a different message/combination of Placeholders would be better suited to appear in a separate email.

The email notification settings above are tied to this form. As seen in the form below, the questions match what Placeholders have generated in the Email Notifications:

I have submitted a test response to this form as a form user. Below is a screenshot of the email I received as a form admin. The email body shows the message I included in the Email Notifications settings, as well as the answers that I submitted to the form questions based on the Placeholders included in the message field of the Email Notifications settings.