Campuses – Assigning Funds to a Campus

Once you have created a campus, you can assign specific funds/giving categories to appear on the campus portal or on all giving portals. To do this, click Settings > Fund Management within your control panel. NOTE: if you do not see the Fund Management option under the Organization tab in your control panel, please contact the primary manager for your online giving account. Your user permissions will need to be updated to include this option.

Click Action > Edit in the same row as the fund name that you would like to assign to a specific campus online giving portal.

A window will pop up to edit this fund’s settings. A Campus field will now appear in the middle of the window. Click the drop-down and choose the campus giving portal you would like this fund to appear on.

Choosing a campus means that this specific fund will only appear in the fund choice drop down of this specific campus online giving portal, i.e. choosing ‘New Campus’ as the campus for ‘General Church Budget’ means that the General Church Budget fund will only appear when the ‘New Campus’ URL is accessed. However, by default, funds are set to appear on all campuses’ (AKA giving portals) fund choice drop down menu until designated otherwise.

To add a new fund for a specific campus, click + Add Fund, and then choose the Campus in the same campus drop down menu.