Integration Code: Website Giving Link

Giving Portal Settings

Guide your donors to your online giving portal by getting your online giving portal link on your website.

Your giving portal URL is unique and specific to your online giving account. Find your new online giving portal URL by clicking Organization > Settings > Edit Your Giving Portal and copy the red text under the Integration Code section.

Settings - Edit your Giving Portal

Configure Your Donor Portal

  1. Here you can upload a new header Image to your Giving Page. Your header image should be approximately square-shaped, and a minimum of 70px. You can use an image that is just your logo, not also the name of your organization since that will display from item #2. File types allowed are .jpg, .png, or .gif but we suggest you use a .png with a transparent background. Files of any type need to be smaller than 3MB. (If you need to resize images, we recommend an application like Pixlr.)
  2. Here you can enter the Display Name you would like to appear on the top of the donation giving form. If the logo contains the name, or you do not want the organization name to display, this can be left blank.
  3. Select the Donation Form you would like to appear on your giving page. Donations Forms are created using the Form Builder, located on the left side of your admin dashboard.
  4. The portal address listed here is ideal for printed materials as it is easy for your donors to quickly enter it into their mobile devices to access your giving page.
  5. Here you will find your Integration Code to link your online Giving Page to your website. Place the following code anywhere between the HTML <body> and </body> of your site.

Your Giving Page

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