Kiosk Giving Guides

Donate to a Fund/Campaign:

  1. Select the “Give Now” option to donate to a particular fund.

  2. Select the particular fund you want your donation to go to.

  3. Enter the amount of the donation in the “Amount” field. *To add additional comments to your gift enter it in the “Notes” field.

  4. Select “Give Now”. *To change the budget chosen, select “Change Budget”.

  5. Select “Process Payment” or if you want to add more to your donation select “Add More to Gift”.

  6. Swipe your card with the stripe facing down in the card reader to the right.

  7. Enter your email address and select “Process Donation” to submit your donation, or click “Cancel Donation” to cancel.

  8. Enter any additional contact information and select “Save Information”, or select “Skip”

  9. A prompt will appear saying “Your Gift was Successful”, click “Ok”.

Register for an Event

  1. Select “Event Registration”.

  2. Select which event you want to register for.

  3. Enter all the information listed on the form.

  4. Select “Submit Registration”.

  5. If the registration requires payment a prompt will appear asking you to swipe your card.

  • Don’t have a kiosk yet? If you would like to order a kiosk or card reader, please contact your support team and request the order form.  Thank you!

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