Kiosk Restore Instructions for IOS 12.2

Steps 1-4 are the same as which we currently have on Helpdesk**


Step 5) Once you tap on Install profile, you will receive this message. Click “Allow”

Step 6) Return to the Settings app. At the top left-hand side of the page, tap on “Profile Downloaded”

Step 7) A warning will appear, click “Install”

Step 8) Click “Trust”

Step 9) On the Install Profile page, click “Install”.

**Note: This installation process can take up to ten minutes. The Church Giving app will reappear when the installation process is completed.

Step 10) Launch the “Church Kiosk” App

  1. Click on the Church Kiosk app icon to launch the app
  2. Next, click on the “Edit Kiosk Settings” to enter your church’s specific Kiosk Profile Credentials (ie, Kiosk ID, Kiosk Username, Kiosk Password).

Note: If you do not have your credentials handy, you can find them under the Organization> Settings in your account.