How To: Map A Donor

To map a donor whose donations will be entered into ChMS, the ChMS Integration must be active. If your organization’s integration is not active, use the instructions below to activate.

  1. While logged into the Control Panel, click on Organization in the top right corner of your screen. Then, select ChMS Integration.
  • Select your organization’s ChMS from the drop-down menu. (Your available integration options may differ from the screenshot below.
  • Follow the instructions. (Each ChMS will have independent, specific instructions.)

  1. Access the donors list in your giving page. 

   3. Click on the action button next to the giving record that is to be mapped,  then select View Donor Details

  4. On the far right, click on the Match button. This allows the giving system to search your organization’s ChMS for records that match the first name, last name, and email address of the giving donor’s profile.

  5. If a matching donor is found, the name will be shown next to a radio button. Select the matching record. And then select Match



  6. If no match is found, remove the first and last name and search by email. Many times, the name may be spelled slightly different, but the email is the same.


  7. There may be one or more names to match based on the email address. Select the correct donor and then Match.


  8. If no matches can be found, there is likely no donor with that email in the ChMS system. They could possibly have a different email.


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