May 2019 Release Roundup

Each month, our product team releases new functionality for your giving platform. These features are driven by feedback from you—the churches we gratefully serve!

Here’s what’s new this month:

Void Insights

Voided transactions are now available on the “Transactions” page within the admin portal, providing managers a better overview of gifts.

Improved Campus Management

#1: Editing campuses

Edit campus names by going to Campus Management and clicking the Action button on the right side. Choose Edit Campus. A pop up will open, allowing you to edit the campus name. As you do, a new URL will be generated. If you attempt to duplicate a campus name, you’ll be prompted to enter a unique name instead.

#2: Sorting campuses

Adjust the order that campuses are listed by dragging and dropping them. Donors will see  Campuses listed in that order on your giving page.

Better Donor Profile Editing

Edit donor information directly from their donor page, rather than having to go back to the main Donor list. You can now modify donor’s campuses in the same location.

Virtual Terminal Changes

Access the virtual terminal from a donor’s page by clicking “process payment” on the drop down. In the virtual terminal, you can now save new payment methods and select pre-loaded saved payment methods to give on behalf of a donor.

Updated Failure Alerts

Now, when a recurring gift doesn’t go through due to an expired or declined card, donors receive a confirmation email with “Recurring Online Donation Declined” in the subject line rather than simply “Recurring Online Donation.”

We appreciate your feedback

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