Getting Started with the New Giving Portal

Congratulations on transitioning to the New Giving Portal!
We’re here to help both you and your donors get a great start!

To ensure a smooth transition, we’ve pre-setup your New Giving Portal for you. It’s now a form, titled “Give Now” by default (though you can change this title should you wish).

All your funds and payment types are setup just like before. It’s also found at the exact same web address (URL) where your donors accessed it previously – so no need to worry about them finding it.

We’ve simply updated the look and made it easier to use. Let’s take a look at the donor experience…

How the New Portal Looks and Functions


Managing the New Giving Portal

Now that we’ve reviewed how your donors will interact with the New Portal, here’s a few helpful resources on how to manage it.


Text Giving has Gotten Simpler!

With your transition, we simplified the process of giving via text (sms). Donors can now simply text “Give” to your text-giving number to setup a recurring gift, or, like before, simply text an amount and Keyword.


Promote Online Giving!

Transitioning to the New Giving Portal is a great time to Re-launch Online Giving. (If you haven’t seen it before, take 3 minutes to review our article, Creating a Culture of Generosity).

To make Promotion simple, we’ve created several resources you can re-use:


Additional Resources & Help

Again, it’s our goal to help your organization both transition and thrive with Online Giving. Should you need any assistance, we’d be more than happy to help! Here’s two great places you can go…

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