Need to update payment or contact information on behalf of your donor?

This can be done by logging in as the donor in the Control Panel.

To do this click on the Donors option on the left side menu.

Search for the donor using their first and/or last name in the Search box.

Once you have their profile located click the “Action” drop-down and choose View Transactions.

View Transactions will take you to the donor’s profile where you can view any of their previous transactions. In the top menu, you will see a link called Login As. Click this link to go to the giving page with your donor’s information populated. * If you are on our latest interface (as of December 2018, you will not have the Login As Donor link as a feature. Please contact Support if you do not see a way to edit the donor profile on the new interface.)

Any saved payment information in the donor profile will be encrypted. You can only input new card or bank account information on behalf of the donor if they have explicitly given you their payment information and permission to do so.

**If you are on our newest interface, for security purposes, the Login As Donor option is no longer available. If you need to assist your donor in updating their card or payment info, this can be done from the Transaction page by clicking on Action then Edit Payment.

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