In the event you need to change the bank account where you receive your deposits, open a Case with Support to submit your new bank information:

How to Open a Case:

  1. Click on “Support” located in the left-side menu
  2. Open a new case with Support to request an update to your bank account information:
    1. Department: Other
    2. Subject of Question/Comment: Bank Change
    3. Description of Question/Comment: Please update our bank account using the attached voided check/bank letter.
    4. Click on [Open Support Case] to create your Case.

Once you have clicked [Open Support Case] you must attach one of these required supporting documents:

  • Pre-printed voided check with your organization’s name and address
  • Bank Letter: a letter provided by your bank with your organization’s name, routing and account number. (In the event you do not have a voided check to provide you can request a Bank Letter from your bank)

We are unable to make changes to your bank account without one of the valid supporting document listed above.

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