The Inline Widget is a simplified version of the online giving portal that can be used to embed a donation box on your website page. You can choose to either have the resulting form embedded into your page as well or pop out into another browser tab/window. This form of giving also allows for setting up a recurring gift or giving a gift via ACH/eCheck payment method without the donor having to log in to their donor profile.

To set up the Inline Widget, you will first need to copy the embed code. The code can be found by logging into your Control Panel, clicking Organization > Settings, and then clicking View Integration Code within the Important Links box. *If you do not see this option on your dashboard, it may be that you are on our newest giving portal that is already form based. 

The second option at the bottom of the page, the Inline Widget section, will provide you with the embed code. You will need to (1) copy the embed code and paste it into your website page editor’s source code section. You can also (2) choose your preference for launching the form, whether it shows as embedded into the web page as well or open in another browser tab or window. (3) The color of the inline widget button can be adjusted by hovering your mouse over the checkered block underneath the Button Color section.

After inputting and saving the Inline Widget embed code into your web page, it will appear to your donor as such:

After your donor inputs their donation amount, and clicks ‘Go’, the giving form will load inside the page or open in a new browser tab/window, depending on the preference you’ve chosen:

The donor will fill out the giving form as they normally would. The lnline Widget can be advantageous for donors that prefer not to log in, as they can perform the following actions that would normally require a login, without logging in to their donor profile:

  • They can choose to make their donation a recurring gift by checking the Make this a Recurring Donation box.

If the donor would like to view the online giving portal to log in to their donor profile (for viewing established recurring gifts, giving history, or updating account information), they can do so by clicking the View Donor Portal link. This will open your customized online giving portal in a new browser tab, and the donor can then login for any donor account maintenance needed.